Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lab Documentation

24 october

-We invited a guest specialist Ruth Campbell who specialises urban space.

She gave us a presentation about public space. It was about: How can we imporove the public space? The public space which gives people anxiety.

-One of the group had the presentation about yesterday's London trip. They went to Bethnal Green, Westminster, Financial District and Hackney.

25 October

-We visited our poerformance site Bentwaters Park, the former RAF site. Then we tried out the possibility of the use of the space by using 4 performers and projection.

-The other two groups did their presentations about London trip. One group went to Bethnal Green , Dalston and Bond Street. The other group went to Walthamstow, Kightsbridge.

26 October

-After the excersise using voice, we had a discussion to find the concrete themes from the London trip and the performance site.

-Each three groups with their own themes, which were standardizaion, regenaration of replica and gluttony, created their small performances.

27 October

-LOT members did the pesentation about Lima.

28 October
-We made some feed back from yesterday's presentation. Then we found some key words to make our small performances from them.

29 October

-First of all, we did some ohysical exercises facused on the use of space and object in relation to the space.
-We visited the small peroformanes of London we made the other day, and developed them. relation to the space.

30 October
-Wewent to the performance site and set up the space, which made from 5 platforms
Then we tried out some of the scenes in relation to the space and lighting.
31 October
-We continued working at the site all day choosing and developing each scenes, and selecting props cearefully.

1 November

-We had the performance at 7 :30 at night. After the show, we had a talk with our guests.

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