Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lab Documentation

24 october

-We invited a guest specialist Ruth Campbell who specialises urban space.

She gave us a presentation about public space. It was about: How can we imporove the public space? The public space which gives people anxiety.

-One of the group had the presentation about yesterday's London trip. They went to Bethnal Green, Westminster, Financial District and Hackney.

25 October

-We visited our poerformance site Bentwaters Park, the former RAF site. Then we tried out the possibility of the use of the space by using 4 performers and projection.

-The other two groups did their presentations about London trip. One group went to Bethnal Green , Dalston and Bond Street. The other group went to Walthamstow, Kightsbridge.

26 October

-After the excersise using voice, we had a discussion to find the concrete themes from the London trip and the performance site.

-Each three groups with their own themes, which were standardizaion, regenaration of replica and gluttony, created their small performances.

27 October

-LOT members did the pesentation about Lima.

28 October
-We made some feed back from yesterday's presentation. Then we found some key words to make our small performances from them.

29 October

-First of all, we did some ohysical exercises facused on the use of space and object in relation to the space.
-We visited the small peroformanes of London we made the other day, and developed them. relation to the space.

30 October
-Wewent to the performance site and set up the space, which made from 5 platforms
Then we tried out some of the scenes in relation to the space and lighting.
31 October
-We continued working at the site all day choosing and developing each scenes, and selecting props cearefully.

1 November

-We had the performance at 7 :30 at night. After the show, we had a talk with our guests.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Regeneration and Globalisation

Here is a PDF that is a collection of articles about regeneration in London and Globalisation and free trade in South America from the website

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Venue for final presentation:

This is Hush House a former jet engine testing hanger on Bentwaters former RAF base where we will present the results of the lab.

Friday, October 5, 2007

singer in Lima

Chaotic Lima?

beauty parlor - parking lot
peruvian fast food codification
hamster house

Dear Zoe and Simon.:
Thanks for the text.
Now in the factory we confronted the idea of city like
image of the chaos, this vision is very interesting beacause its connotations.


German (fotographer):Like all the cities on the world. N.Y is
Magnificently chaotic, except public transportation

Carlos (Theater director): The diference between lima and new york is that public transportation is public here is private.

Jorge (plastic artist):I can’t call chaotic lima’s urban proces, for me the migrant gains a city
For me the Word chaos has to do with racism.

Karen (social comunicator) :Through the aesthetic public transportation (micros, mototaxis, taxis) the migrant fights for symbolic space becausehe doesn’t have citizenship rights; then they take control.

Carlos Javier (architec):If I dont have any space. I have to aproppiate one.

Criteria of valuation in cultural consumption.
Public transport: flows of transport units
symbolic space
Crisis of the state
Testimonies from the place where laws are made
(investigation in municipalities)
signboards anti advertising.
Carlos Javier and Gonzalo:
The minimum of the minimum

Flows of people from Peru: criteria

Assessing movement:

'National Documentation Package from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada that contains documents on human rights security conditions and other issues that are relevent to the determination of refugee protection claims'

Mapping movement in Lima

Website mapping user generated bike and running routes

Crossing Borders: Latin American Exiles In London

Website about project called "Crossing Borders: Latin American Exiles In London" By Sofia Buchuck.

Contains info about 'An oral history of Latin Americans in London, Language, Shopping And London Areas, Festivals, The Art Of Belonging and Migration and remigration'

The Case of the Godoys

Interesting article from New York Times in 1913 , about a dispute between Raul and Gaston Godoy, 2 stockbrokers from Lima, and various banks including London's Hill,Chaplain & Co. The technologies involved in this alleged fraud were telegram,cable and bank drafts.

See PDF of article

Remittances to Peru

Money flows from Europe and USA to Peru quadruple over 5 years.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Advertising (South America)

click here:


article about the rule:

Ikea Coffin

Prada Marfa, a permanent sculpture by the Berlin artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset

New flows of Capital?

Megan Hise interviewed Peruvian labor and campesino leaders for a short documentary, looking at the damage the Peru FTA will cause on both sides of the border.

And an alternate view on the FTA agreement from The Heritage Foundation.

Number Crunching

Useful for statistics and general economic info:

CIA Factbook

World Bank Data for Peru