Friday, October 5, 2007

Chaotic Lima?

beauty parlor - parking lot
peruvian fast food codification
hamster house

Dear Zoe and Simon.:
Thanks for the text.
Now in the factory we confronted the idea of city like
image of the chaos, this vision is very interesting beacause its connotations.


German (fotographer):Like all the cities on the world. N.Y is
Magnificently chaotic, except public transportation

Carlos (Theater director): The diference between lima and new york is that public transportation is public here is private.

Jorge (plastic artist):I can’t call chaotic lima’s urban proces, for me the migrant gains a city
For me the Word chaos has to do with racism.

Karen (social comunicator) :Through the aesthetic public transportation (micros, mototaxis, taxis) the migrant fights for symbolic space becausehe doesn’t have citizenship rights; then they take control.

Carlos Javier (architec):If I dont have any space. I have to aproppiate one.

Criteria of valuation in cultural consumption.
Public transport: flows of transport units
symbolic space
Crisis of the state
Testimonies from the place where laws are made
(investigation in municipalities)
signboards anti advertising.
Carlos Javier and Gonzalo:
The minimum of the minimum

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